I have been providing for just over a year (part time) due to full time job. I have been Low key and Under the Radar,

Due to the fact that I have been low volume I have never accepted any reviews due to I wasn't on any boards etc. I am happy to accpet them now and read about your experience with me. Reviews submitted are only if you want to write a review but not required for you to see me. Just a nice way of remebering our experience together!     


By Daddy


I arranged a date with Sexy JoJo and her duo partner Sassy Jasmin. What a fun night I had with these two sexy ladies. They completely satisfied my fantasy and seemed to love the experience as much as I did.

The Juicy details:

OMG. A night to remember. I asked if picture taking was permitted and they said no problem. Sexy JoJo wore a beautiful fishnet cover that displayed her bounteous breasts. Her duo was a beautiful Cuban with a no holds barred attitude. After a little semi naked small talk I asked that we get showered up and they gleefully agreed. The shower was designed so that picture and video taking was very doable. Sexy JoJo was the photographer and she took many pictures of me showering with Sassy Jasmin. Jasmin loved playing with my cock and letting me finger her pussy and wash it all up. She enjoyed, as I did, sucking my engorged cock as a way of getting it really clean. (no I didn't suck my own cock!) Then JoJo traded off with Jasmin and I got to rub my cock all over her luscious boobs and wash her cunt. We dried off and retired to the red lite bed room. JoJo was so excited by our experience in the shower that she couldn't wait to sit on the side of the bed and have me run my finger up her vagina while sucking her clitoris. In about 20 seconds she came gushing copious amounts of fluid from her vagina and convulsing in her first orgasm. Jasmin got it all on film. I wanted to take some pictures of the girls sliding their pussies atop the length of my cock, but not inserting it. Again this was no problem and we got lots of good shots of my cock and their pussies sitting on top of it. Next it was DFKing time and both more than satisfied my thrill of exploring their tongues. My cock was so hard. Finally we got to the fucking part and each used their own condoms which I thought was smart. They changed off being the camera person. JoJo is an extremely sexual woman and can come at just the slightest sexual contact. She had at least 5 gushing convulsing orgasms. Jasmin had two, one of which was a gusher, too. I don't know where the energy comes from? I love making girls come and when I do, it makes my sexual experience even more satisfying. Eventually I had a huge orgasm all over Jasmin's tits. That was just a great time. Afterwards, we sat around the apartment naked while the girls hugged me and continued playing with my member chatting about a number of things. If you want to have a great time, Sexy JoJo and Sassy Jasmin will provide your money's worth.


By Latinguru

JUNE 2012 Sassy Jasmin Review

I don't even know where to begin. Jasmine was recommended to me by SexyJojo. They worked together for a short time but Jasmin just got started doing calls on her own. Setting up the date was easy, Jasmine is very customer-oriented and made sure to keep me interested (read "hard") by being extremely sexy and attentive during my travel to her incall.
When I arrived she opened the door, and I was astonished. She looks good on her pics, and she looks extremely good in person. She's a mature woman, mid 40's, with an exquisite personality and very friendly. This is the type of date that within 1 minute you're wondering "where have you been all this time!" She look fabulous. I asked her to remove the lipstick (she was dressing to kill) and after a little chitchat she suggested we take a shower together.
If you're not VIP I can assure you THIS is the review that you should not miss. What I am about to write on the details took me a while to gather because this is probably one of my top 5 experiences during my 30+ years in the hobby.
And something that is absolutely amazing about Jasmine is that despite being relatively new in the industry, she's a natural exotic lover. When I say exotic is because this is a Yes girl, high-performance, high-output, all-terrain type of woman who will match even the most demanding level, hands down.
There are pretty much two types of providers: the ones who do it for the money and have learned the business, and the ones that have such a drive sexual drive that they are on the top of the food chain, and just happened to enjoy the added benefits of being in the industry.
Jasmine is the second type, the one that will leave you wanting more, more and more.
Trust me fellows, this was one of those encounters that when you were done you ask yourself, is this possible?
Now, I followed her to the bathroom that was beautifully decorated with plenty of towels and amenities, nothing to envy a luxury hotel. We both took off our clothes and...

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